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Award-Winning Two Phase Process

Tellus’ Process is Proven, Proprietary and Patented

The patented Tellus Process is a game changer for the scrap tire waste stream.  The Tellus Process recycles 100% of the scrap tire into marketable products – IsoBlack™, (a recycled carbon black), Renewable Oil, Fuel Gas and Recycled Steel – producing virtually zero waste and a clean emissions profile.

Tellus utilizes proprietary thermal refinement technology to upcycle scrap tires in a self-sustaining “closed loop” process.  Thermal refinement involves the chemical decomposition of organic materials by heating in the absence of oxygen or any other reagents.  Unlike an incineration process, which burns input feedstock to produce energy and ash, Tellus thermal refinement deliberately limits the conversion by heating the feedstock under controlled conditions, thereby producing valuable intermediates that can be further processed into marketable raw materials, energy recovery, or further material recycling. Our process truly recovers value from what others categorize as a waste byproduct which they often incinerate or discard in landfills.

The net result is the upcycling of millions of scrap tires per year, the recovery and reintroduction of tens of millions of pounds of petroleum-based chemicals and fuels into manufacturing industries, and the sequestration of hundreds of thousands of pounds of Green House Gas (“GHG”) emissions.  Tellus manages to do this within the framework of a sustainable, highly-profitable enterprise.