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Raw Materials Extracted from Waste and Reintroduced into the Supply Chain

Tellus is unique in its ability to upcycle 100% of its scrap rubber feedstock into commercially accepted products – IsoBlack™, Renewable Oil, Fuel Gas and Recycled Steel. The following products are derived from scrap tire feedstock and are sold back to industry as raw material for new, sustainable, end products.

IsoBlack™ is the sustainable alternative of a global chemical called carbon black.  Carbon black is an essential 20 billion pound per year chemical ingredient used as a reinforcing agent in rubber products and as a colorant in plastics applications. IsoBlack™ is  our environmentally friendly, recycled carbon black product that performs as well as its virgin counterpart in commercial rubber and plastics applications, meets ASTM standards for virgin carbon black, and is the only such product that has been successfully tested in passenger tire applications.   Carbon black users are faced with increasing consumer and regulatory demand for “green” products and recycled components.  IsoBlack™ is ”green” raw material for environmentally-pressured auto, industrial, and consumer product markets.

Renewable Oil

Tellus Renewable Oil, derived from scrap rubber, is excellent feedstock oil for further refinement into gasoline and other oil by-products.  Tellus Renewable Oil is a significant portion of the output from the Tellus Process, which further proves that disposing of scrap tires in any other way is truly wasteful. One barrel of Renewable Oil produced by Tellus is one less barrel of crude extracted from the ground.

Fuel Gas

Tellus uses the majority of Fuel Gas produced by the Tellus Process to power the Tellus facility, making it a truly self-sustaining, “closed loop” process. By extracting Fuel Gas, Tellus is able to harness even more of the energy trapped inside of a scrap tire and put it to use productively. Excess gas can be sold to neighboring industrial users or local utilities as well.

Recycled Steel

The Tellus Process also recovers steel originating from the belts and beads of the scrap tires. This is a high grade of carbon steel that is sold to the scrap steel industry to be further recycled into new products.