Our Mission

Tellus Technology, Inc. is a U.S. industrial materials company focused on becoming the leading commercial producer of recycled carbon black, a raw material heavily used in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic products. 

Tellus produces chemical raw materials, from waste rubber feedstock, for the rubber and plastics industry.  Our end products are blended back into rubber and plastics products, therefore increasing recycled content in consumer products, auto parts, building products and more, while decreasing waste rubber, a serious environmental problem.  Unlike the growing plastics recycling industry, the rubber industry is, surprisingly, lacking recycled content.  Tellus is pioneering sustainability into the rubber industry by reusing waste rubber as feedstock to create IsoBlack, which reduces the carbon footprint of many rubber and plastics products.

Our patented process upcycles scrap tire rubber, a major environmental problem, into in-demand commodities:  IsoBlack, renewable oil, fuel gas and steel.  IsoBlack is an ASTM compliant ‘drop-in’ recycled carbon black product that performs as well as its virgin counterpart in commercial rubber and plastics applications, but costs considerably less.  Tellus has invested a significant amount of funds and time in research and development of its process, and has validated the technology and products through third-party technical analysis and rigorous product testing with potential customers.

Evolution requires technology.  The rubber industry is lacking recycled ingredients while the plastics industry is way ahead.  Our solution mitigates a major environmental mess while revolutionizing recycled contents into global chemical markets.   We are converting a valuable waste stream to sustainable materials in order to leave the planet in better shape than when we got here.