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Tellus Technology, Inc. is a U.S. industrial materials company focused on becoming the leading commercial producer of recycled carbon black, a raw material heavily used in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic products.

Sustainable Products

  • Automotive Applications

  • Rubber Hoses and Belts

  • Consumer Goods

  • Building Materials

At Tellus we believe that evolution requires technology.  The rubber industry has been lagging behind other industries, such as the plastics industry, when it comes to using recycled content as raw material to create sustainable end products.  Tellus provides the technology which mitigates a major environmental liability and will revolutionize the way new rubber products are created.  End-Of-Life rubber, such as scrap tires, can now be utilized efficiently in the production of new sustainable rubber and plastic products.  We believe that we are all responsible for leaving the planet in better shape than when we got here.

Proven Technology

Tellus has developed a proprietary, and patented, two phase process to upcycle 100% of its scrap rubber feedstock into commercially accepted products that can be readily and profitably reintroduced to the chemical, fuels and allied products markets.  Our focus has always been on our the quality of our end products: IsoBlack™, renewable oil, fuel gas and steel.  Tellus’ process has been independently validated by third parties such as SAIC / R.W. Beck and the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).

Environmental Impact

Worldwide, over one billion scrap tires are generated each year. By recovering the resources from this waste stream, Tellus reintroduces tens of millions of pounds of petroleum-based chemicals and fuels into the manufacturing stream, reducing the carbon footprint of producing an equivalent quantity of fossil fuels. Additionally, we eliminate scrap tire stockpiles and provide an efficient end use for end-of-life tires.